NOMRE's N-Scale

N-Scale Layout Donation
   Chuck Phillips's 1970's Layout and Bruce Rickerson owner for the last 20+ years.
Bob's Transition Module 1
   N-Trak Farm
Bob's Transition Module 2
   N-Trak Farm Trestle
N-Scale DCC Wreck
   The Santa Fe Engineer was asleep or talking to visitors at the open house.
N-Scale Derailment
   What do you mean, there isn't a sidding here?
The Yard
   Work in progress on the Yard extensions
Lenz Hump Yard 3
   The Clasification Yard
Lenz Hump Yard 4
Lenz Hump Yard 1
   The Hump
Lenz Hump Yard 2
   The Lead
1830's Steam Engine
   Cathy Tamutis'


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