Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart

In store layout rebuild by NOMRE members.

Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart
   Union & Walden, Cheektowaga, NY
NH N-Scale 08
   Steve cleaning up the trackwork after installing the module.
NH O-Gauge 22
   Scenery looking good
NH O-Gauge 21
NH HO-Gauge 07
   HO Scenery
NH N-Scale 07
   N-Scale Main Street
NH N-Scale 06
   N-Scale Station
NH N-Scale 05
   Bridge over the "lagoon"
NH N-Scale 04
   N-Scale Chruch - look for the stained glass windows.
NH N-Scale 03
   N-Scale Farm
NH Scenery 13
   HO Scale Scenery
NH Scenery 12
   HO Scale Scenery
NH Scenery 11
   HO Scale Scenery
NH Scenery 10
   Mitch applying green glue? And Frank working on the O-gauge, under Doug's supervision.
NH Scenery 09
   O-Gauge Mountain work.
NH Scenery 08
   G-gauge Portal & Mountain work in tight quarters.
NH Scenery 07
   HO - Sub-urban developement - a lawn in one day!
NH Scenery 06
   O-Gauge - Doug planing.
NH Scenery 05
   A real Modeler and a wonderful wife that celebrates a wedding anniversary at a hobby shop.
NH Scenery 04
   The messy part of scenery.
NH Scenery 03
   OH scenery taking shape
NH Scenery 02
   G-gauge Mountian & Portal
NH Scenery 01
   O-Gauge Mountain
NH O-Scale 20
   Double portal
NH Wiring 01
   Ok guys quit laughing and get me out of here.
NH Wiring 02
   Yes, Doug is under there somewhere, wiring.
NH HO-Scale 05
   Mitch adding detail to the HO layout.
NH N-Scale 02
NH 01
   Mitch, Stan and Frank making up a wish list.
NH HO-Scale 06
   Is that Billy on his train? No, that's not a SP engine.
NH O-Scale 18
   Getting ready for a portal
NH HO-Scale 01
   You don't say.
NH G-Scale 04
   Now how do I get under there.
NH O-Scale 19
   Wiring in tight places, wait that's O-scale, this is not small.
NH HO-Scale 02
   What's he doing over there?
NH N-Scale 01
   Steve the trains will not run with it like that.
NH HO-Scale 03
   What do we do now?
NH HO-Scale 04
   Close quarters.
NH G-Scale 04
   Stan, Frank & Bob
NH G-Scale 03
   Boy, I'm glad this is not N-Scale.
NH G-Scale 02
   The Portal
NH G-Scale 01
   Thomas fitts and seems happy in his new home.
NH O-Scale 17
   Now get it straight.
NH O-Scale 16
   Stan supervising the O-Scale track instalatlion
NH O-Scale 15
   Frank & Rick screwing down the track
NH O-Scale 14
   How many people does it take to lay track?
NH O-Scale 13
   Laying track
NH O-Scale 12
   Looking good, but don't we have to cut down the O-Scale engines too much? Frank Loydd Wright would be proud of our work.
NH O-Scale 11
   You want it moved where?
NH O-Scale 10
   What transistion track to we need?
NH O-Scale 09
   How many members does it take to make an oval track? Cameo apperance by Dave Ingraham
NH O-Scale 08
   Boy this is big track, and why is there three rails?
NH O-Scale 07
   Meeting of the minds part II
NH O-Scale 06
   Finishing up screwing around
NH O-Scale 05
   Mitch & Jim screwing around.
NH O-Scale 04
   More Benchwork
NH O-Scale 03
   More Fitting.
NH O-Scale 02
   O-Scale Layout work.
NH O-Scale 01
   Meeting of the minds
NH Workers
   Lyn Bullen, Jim Nusstein, Mitch Friscia, Steve Dale, & Frank Cudahy
NH Benchwork 2
   More Bench work, Steve Dale& Frank Cudahy
NH Benchwork 1
   Bench work, Steve Dale& Frank Cudahy


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