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Niagara Orleans Model Railroad Engineers, Inc.


1)      Disaster Land: This is a disaster preparedness layout constructed by NOMRE for Niagara County, NY. It is currently used by emergency response teams to coordinate their efforts in the event of an emergency, and includes a mine complex, various shipping facilities, a small craft airport, and highway interchange to name a few. All buildings were purchased commercially and assembled by our membership. The benchwork for this layout consists of six 4' x 8' tables pieced together to form an "H".

2)      Boy Scout Layout: This operational layout was constructed by our membership to encourage model railroading in scouting. The layout is utilized by the Boy Scouts to encourage completion of the model railroading merit badge. All buildings and scenery material were purchased commercially and assembled by our membership. The benchwork consists of four modules assembled into a 4ft.x 8ft. layout. For storage the legs fold away and the top is secured.

3)      Taylor Winery: This layout accurately represents the Taylor Winery and the surrounding land. Included on this operational layout are vineyards, farmland and the town itself. The buildings used on the layout were either purchased commercially or scratch built by our membership. The benchwork was assembled and then transported by truck to the winery located in Bath, NY. One unique feature of this layout is that at the touch of a button the trains start moving. After making a certain number of trips around the layout the train stops until the button is pressed again.

4)      Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart: This operational multi-scale (N, HO, O and G Scales), multi-level interactive 16' x 10' layout was constructed on site by the NOMRE Membership, for the enjoyment and education of customers visiting Niagara Hobby, in Cheektowaga, NY. John S. Kavulich, President of the company, said "A wonderful surprise was that customers would visit the store specifically to learn from members of NOMRE as they laid track, designed mountains, and constructed buildings for the train layout. Not only were NOMRE Members 'designers', they were 'teachers', so I could not be more pleased." This layout is uniquely "interactive", in that over 22 push buttons are located around the layout perimeter for customer access, each of which activates either an "action-oriented" accessory or the trains themselves. "Kids" of all ages love to see (and hear) the concurrent operation of the nine (9) trains as they traverse the layout for several minutes before stopping.

Model Railroading is Fun!

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